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Analyze HR System 1 Analyze HR System – Final University of Phoenix CIS 375 Frank Varisco November 19, 2007 Analyze HR System 2 Analyze HR System – Section One Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturing company with operations in the United States and China and employing 550 people. The tracking of employee information is currently done by different systems and procedures throughout the organization which are lacking automation and consolidation. To remain competitive in business and retain employee satisfaction, it becomes necessary to update the systems to be more effective. The company would like to take advantage of technology to create a single information systems application in the Human Resources (HR)…show more content…
Without all the stakeholders being involved in the development process, their specific requirements and needs cannot be met. User requirements can be achieved by utilizing a variety of information gathering techniques to understand current processes and what is needed out of the new system. The first information gathering technique to be used will be the review of existing documentation and current system reports. The existing documentation can provide insight into the functions and internal processing of the current system. The system reports are an effective method for the analyst to learn about the existing system and business functions. The reports can also show some of the procedures that the users are currently familiar. The existing documentation and reports are also good to use as discussion tools in another information gathering technique of conducting user interviews. According to Satzinger, Jackson, and Burd (2004), “interviewing stakeholders is by far the most effective way to understand business functions and business rules” (p. 129). Questions are asked and discussions take place until the analyst or design team fully understands the requirements and documents them. The interviews should include discussions about what they do, how they do it, what information they use, and what reports they work with. Depending on the number of users to be interviewed, this process
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