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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Takes place in two particular areas that reflect the tone of the story. A fair sized town in America and a small secluded island in the Whales. The American town is parallel of what is supposed to be reality, and the island, full of secrets, is fantasy. When you step back and take a closer look, you see that American town hides more from the characters, making it fantasy and lies, while the enchanting island is far more forth coming about its problems.

Main Characters
Jacob Portman- he is the protagonist in this story, he is 16 and is thought to be mentally disturbed after the murder of his grandfather by that he believes to be an imaginary creature. He travels to Whales with
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Jacob vs. Self- he is at a constant battle for the first half of the book to figure out whether or not he is sane after everything that has happened. Self could also be considered society, as a set and acceptable social norm.
Jacob vs. Therapist- he is actually the cause of all his problems. He is the one who sends the hollow on his grandfather, kidnaps Ms. Peregrine, and makes all the external conflicts arise.
Embracing who you are and accepting what makes you remarkable is more important than being viewed as normal.
Through this novel we see the reoccurring theme that being true to you is far more important that being social accepted. Because when you accept yourself, others accept you for that. When Jacob fights himself he finds he is alone, but the more he succumbs to his true self, the peculiar children accept him and they help each other overcome the adversity surrounding them. Personal Views
I enjoyed the book thoroughly and I would recommend it. It has a wonderful addition, not only is there amazing writing involved but there are also several pictures included in the pages. Every few chapters there are these old, peculiar photos that add to the story, some very

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