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TOTO Ltd. was established in 1917 and is the market leader in toilet manufacturer market. Its missions are to develop products which can be used daily by people at any ages comfortably. TOTO Washlet is an innovative toilet seat that can jet water towards the user with a remote control.1The objective of the business to business marketing plan are promoting environmental friendly, extending market share, developing business market in hospital and hotel industry and meeting $5 million sales after six month.

Target Business Customer

We mainly target on companies that consume including hotels and private owned hospital.
For hotels we target Kowloon and Island Shangri-La, Macro Polo Hotel HK Café. They were our existing
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Formulating B2B Marketing Strategies
Our aim at pricing is to increase market share. When our target hotel successfully built a positive word-of-mouth from their end-users, it may attract more hotels follow to adopt the smart washlet. In turn it can increase our market share. The price of washlet may not the major concern to our client but durability. Offer after sales service to our client. On the other hand, washlet is a kind of necessity, so it should be elastic and there have lots of substitutes. Therefore the demand of quantity is highly sensitive to changes in price. We need to emphasize the durability of our well brand product. Also, the nature of competitive markets is Oligopolies as there are a few sellers of the smart washlet
Negotiation strategy used in company that consume should occurs after proposals are evaluated. The type of pricing we adopted negotiated price, we offer a free installation and exclusive price for clients in exchange for we adopted negotiated price, we offer a free installation and exclusive price for clients in exchange for them to note they were using our brand name product. Further, adopt a Collaboration strategy; it’s a win-win negotiation strategy. Because our targeted hotels are existing clients so it is essential to keep a long-term relationship with them. And it enhances to build word-of-mouth of our product, thus increase market share and profitability.
We have around 20 distributors in

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