Analyze the Effect of Education on the Development of Countries

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Analyze the Effect of Education on the Development of Countries
Education can teach us how to be a real man, how to get along with others in the society and also can make talents to let countries’ power stronger. Education can have significant effects on the development of a country. It is mainly reflected in three aspects. The first is the economic growth, the second is the population and employment in society and the third is stability and fair in politic. In addition, this essay will also show education of different levels has impacts on different aspects of different countries.

Universal education has a significant effect on developing economy growth of countries. Developed educational system is better than undeveloped educational
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The subjects connected with science are not performed well by students. Finally, Mauritius has a high per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of $12,800 and it is still growing dramatically. In contrast, the GDP in Tanzania is lower, no more than $700. Today Mauritius has become a middle-income nation since 1960 while Tanzania is still one of the poorest countries in the world (Bloom, 2005).It appears that education can help dispose of poverty. If a country has an appetite to be stronger, the government must invest more time and energy in education system.

As well as affecting the economy, education also affect on the society. Women’s education, which affects the population growth rate, has strong impact on fertility. Women who have a good education will consider their own targets and will spend more time in achieving the target, which could lead to them having fewer children, and the fertility will be lower. Ethiopia is a dramatic example of this. Besides Population Reference Bureau (2007) shows that Ethiopian women without education have an average of 6.1 children. In contrast, women with at least a secondary education have an average of 2.0 children. Moreover, woman who receives high level education will think over the family’s expenses and social burden. So well educated women know how much will they undertake for a child as a parent.
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