Analyze the Relationship Between Management Structure and Culture and Its Effect on Business Performance

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Analyze the relationship between management structure and culture and its effect on business performance; Introduction Company’s management structure is highly influenced by over all corporate culture. Company’s management structure is the surface layer of corporate culture in other words that is the visible expressions of corporate culture .Culture shows up in both visible and invisible ways. Some expressions of corporate culture are easy to observe. You can see dress code, work environment, benefits, titles and job descriptions and management structure. These are the visible expressions or the surface layer of corporate culture. To understand the relationship of the management structure and corporate culture and how these affect to…show more content…
Companies need a good definition of corporate culture before they can begin to understand how to change the corporate culture. Management Structure It is important to know and understand the meaning of management before discussing a management structure. Management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling human and other resources in order to meet an organizations goal. Typically, a company will be set up to include different types of managers, which can include managers with responsibility for a specific department or division of the entity, as well as regional managers who supervise activities in a particular geographic region. The types of management positions will vary in accordance with the size of the business. Management structure (also known as organizational structure) is the method by which staff, departments, divisions and regions work and interact with one another. There are two main types of such structures, known as flat and hierarchal. What is known as a flat management structure promotes a decentralized decision-making process, which increases staff involvement and is achieved by very few or no management layers between front-line workers and the company's leadership. By elevating the level of responsibility of baseline employees, and by eliminating layers of middle

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