Analyze the Two Sources of The Battle of the Granicus River

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The battle of the Granicus involved Alexander the Great’s Macedonian army and a Persian interdiction force. Two sources address the events at the battle of the Granicus; however, these sources do not complement each other. The two sources are the accounts provided by Diodorus, and Arrian. Multiple contradictions exist between the two sources, which is unacceptable because both accounts cannot be true. The author of Article ‘The Battle of the Granicus River’ in the Journal of Hellenic Studies attempts to identify which of the two sources is more credible. The author begins the article by addressing the issues involved with the portrayal of the battle of the Granicus, and states, “Historians have found the battle of the Granicus River the most puzzling of Alexander's battles.” Three reasons are associated with the puzzling aspects of the battle, which are the inconsistencies with timeframes provided by the sources, inconsistencies with formation movements, and inconsistencies with the exact location of the battle. The article discuses each inconsistency in detail, and in the order they were presented by the author. The article first addresses Diodorus’ description of the timeframe of the battle, which states Alexander’s army crossed during morning in a relatively brash manner. The author is quick to point out why Diodorus’ account of the timeframe and formation arrangements is illogical, and inconsistent with Alexander’s generalship. The author than identifies

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