Analyzes Of The Present State

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2. Analyzes of the present state
2.1 Actual business model employed
The current business model in most stores is similar. Stores rely on low prices, high quality products, efficient service at the checkout. They put more and more on branded products, improved in terms of quality, which translates into prices. Proof of this are the ads that not only underline the already low prices but high quality. Discrepancies in the accounts for purchases starting to show between networks when the cart will go in addition to products purchased almost every day, including those purchased less frequently. The different types of shops compete with each other mainly in articles necessities, those most often bought by the largest number of customers. There is no longer any difference where you go for bread, butter and milk, because they pay more or less the same.
For example Auchan, its purpose is to create and maintain the lowest offer tailored to each client, offering top quality goods at the lowest possible prices. The values on which this store achieves its goals this trust, commitment, care.
Another example is Piotr i Paweł.
The company actively supports educational projects, social, charitable, sports and cultural events. A wide range, trained and attentive staff, elegant furniture and exemplary purity - it all makes a supermarket Piotr and Paweł associated by loyal customers with pleasant and comfortable shopping. Supermarket - can be
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