Analyzing Advertisements

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Analyzing adverts Some vintage advertisements can be so offensive to the viewers. However, this does not necessarily mean they fall short of portraying some emotional appeals. This essay seeks to analyze Nike advertisement rhetorical appeals. This particular advert invites women to rise up and challenge men. It is anchored on an age old say of ladies first. The advert reads ladies first and men second. This kind of classical saying is deliberately used to evoke emotions among the readers of the advert especially those who may not agree with the say in totality. This is a perfect case of usage of pathos. By using pathos, the author of the advert intends to appeal to the reader's sense of identity and exploit their self interest by exploiting common biases that the traditional says portray. The author is quite aware of the fact that readers most likely bend in the direction of what is advantageous to them, what serves their interest, and what they strongly believe they are part of. The use of pathos makes the advert more compelling. Emotions persuade the readers of the advert to consider buying the Nike plus outfit. The ladies first, men second saying suggests that men can never be equal to women and women are usually put first because men are stronger and need to do things that are physically involving like opening doors for women. This advert, however, twists this belief by using the picture of a female runner to infer that in athletic competitions even women can
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