Analyzing And Determining Subsitution Reactions Through Sn1

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Analyzing and Determining Subsitution Reactions Through SN1 & SN2 reactions involving Alcohol-Containng Compounds to verify production and succsess of alkyl halides. *Harpravjeet Malhi, Robert Sorg, Heather Reeves Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, IUPUI, 402 N. Blackford St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 This experiment was ran to stimulate real life application scenarios in which products were determined through various techniques learned from the past. Requiring analytical thinking and preparation, as a product was synthesized within the right time frame, with limited amount of starting material. The three compounds shown above are reacted with various reagents, to yield the best halide-containing product. These reactions are conducted to test the prediction that reaction 1 proceeded through a bimolecular nucleophillic substitution (SN2) and reactions 2 and 3, went through unimolecular nuclephillic substitution (Sn1), due to carbocation rearrangements forming 2 products each through a stepwise process. Conducting various tests through separation and purification methods can test the reactions and their hypothesized pathway, also Analyzing data through infrared spectroscopy (IR), proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR) and gas chromatography (GC) can give a final overall picture to the synthesized product, along with purity of the product and efficiency of the reactions. Throughout these experiments many important features of substitution

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