Analyzing And Evaluation Modern Biographies About El Cid

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Analyzing and Evaluation Modern Biographies about El Cid Modern biographies are often looked at by others as a reputable source of information when it comes to their subject of interest being hundreds of years old. Maybe it is because people today tend to believe whatever they are told or perhaps they see the title “Dr.” or “ professor” pop up on the screen and put all of their trust in whatever that person is saying. However, that’s exactly the problem, whoever is holding the title of Dr. or professor is as equal a person like you or me, and sometimes we forget to hold them susceptible to error. With that said, when analyzing and evaluating the modern biographies of El Cid one has to remember that whoever is stating these facts has only ever studied or read the same information myself and a regular Joe Schmo could have read and studied. They are not privy to any information that can be proven true by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar himself, as they cannot time travel back to medieval times and ask him to answer all of their questions. Because the people who created these modern biographies, only had the sources that were written on El Cid thousands of years ago to base their stories on, one has to question the validity of these modern biographies and how much they are willing to trust these sources just as they had to do the same for the written historical sources. El Cid (the movie), The Conquerors: El Cid (the documentary) and El Cid: The Making of a Legend, are the three modern

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