Analyzing And Exploring The Global City

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Danielle D’Amico
Julia Miller
Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Sydney
3 July 2015
Research Paper

Throughout the years, people from all over the world have migrated to Australia and the United States of America to create better lives for themselves such as escaping religious/political persecution, obtaining a better education, reuniting with their families, becoming exposed to more job opportunities, and various other reasons (Singer 2). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in America and Sydney, New South Wales in Australia have similar immigration patterns, settlement trends, and impacts. However, the communities of immigrants tend to not follow the same behaviors in both cities. Immigration is vital for continuous economic and social growth. Thus, what impact does immigration have on these two cities?
In 2011, Australia’s population was 26% migrants compared to America’s, which was only 13% ("4102.0 - Australian Social Trends, 2014"). Migration is essential to Australia’s population; in 2011, over 5 million migrants resided in Australia. Immigrants from England (over 1 million) and New Zealand (almost half a million) dominate Australia’s migrant community. Australia’s migrant population also includes large numbers of Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Vietnamese immigrants among many others. On average, most migrants stay in Australia for 20 years. Some migrants stay longer than others; European immigrants stay for over the average amount of years meanwhile Chinese and Indian
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