Analyzing And On Difference Between Web 2.0 And 2.0

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WEB 1.0 2.0 AND 3.0

1. WEB 1.0:
Web 1.0 was the first from of Internet. Really it was called 'The Internet ' not version 1 or Web1.0. It was for the most part utilized before 1999 when specialists called it the Read -Only period. In Web 1.0 all the websites build where static websites. The fundamental peculiarities of 'The Internet ' were hyper-connecting and bookmarking of the pages. It just comprised of online guestbook and framesets. There was no stream or correspondence in the middle of consumer and the maker of the data. Additionally, the messages were sent through the HTML structure. The best samples of 'The Web ' are static sites which were made amid the '.com advancement '. Web 1.0 also refers to static HTML pages or static web.
It was simply an information portal where users are provided information without the chance to post reviews, comments and feedbacks. As the Web developed, tools and technologies were developed to help individuals utilizing the Web data. Instruments and innovation were created to encourage looking, and using the Web in standard, regular manner. Individuals evaluated how to help individuals utilize the Web to serve clients, play games, promote items and administrations, and impart pretty much every kind of data.
Some of the technologies developed during this time of the Web include:
• File and Web Servers
• Content and Enterprise Portals
• Search Engines (AltaVista, Yahoo!)
• E-mail (Yahoo!,…

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