Analyzing And Organizing A Data Essay

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When we use quantitative research, we are trying to find meaning through numbers and measurement. Those numbers represent characteristics of the physical world. It also represents non physical phenomena. The data is collected and statistics is used to summarize and make sense of it. Exploring and Organizing a Data Set Before researchers set on a specific statistical procedure, they have to look closely at the data. They also have to find ways of organizing that data to find the desired results. By observing the data very carefully and critically, the researcher can find patterns in numbers or even find usable information in data that has no relevance to the project. Organizing Data to Make Them Easier to Think About and Interpret A quantitative researcher has to organize data in different ways and perform statistical analysis to fully discover the patterns and meanings it holds. One way this can be done is using a computer. Using Computer Spreadsheets to Organize and Analyze Data Conducting quantitative research means analyzing and organizing large amounts of data. This is a tedious, time-consuming job. Using a computer software is making that job easier. To make his life easier and analyze data in a more efficient way researchers can use an electronic spreadsheet. This is a software that enables the researcher to enter and manipulate data in a two-dimensional table. Once the data is inputted, the researcher can: Perform simple
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