Analyzing Andronico's Store Map

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Analysing Andronico’s store map was an interesting task, as I observed a concrete organizational structure. I was able to draw out a number of organizational principles that the store follows. For the first, Andronico’s item placement is material or task-oriented in nature. For example, all the Beverages such as Wine & Spirits, Beer, Coffee and Tea are in the center of the store. Snacks such as Cookies, Chips, Dried Fruit and Nuts are stored together and similarly for rest of the items. To help customers find what they’re looking for quicker, Andronico has an arrangement based on behavioral properties such as usage frequency and correlated usage). For example, a customer looking for cleaning supplies would also be able to find toilet paper and paper towels in the same area. This layout also seems more aesthetic to the customer. Similarly a customer looking for shampoos would find it no trouble finding other bath and body supplies and toiletries close by. Items in the store are also arranged by their intrinsic properties. For example, the dairy products are in the same aisle as Ice Cream and Yogurt. This arrangement makes for an easy transition for the customer. This layout pays a considerable role in assisting the customer’s visual system to pay attention to the store’s items. I also observed that the items that were regularly replaced (or bought) were kept closer to the entrances and exits. This helps the customer save time in looking for products that he/she uses

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