Analyzing Biblical References of Angels

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Running Head: Angels Abstract According to the given topic, the two types of angels Good and Bad have been described with Biblical references. The existence of angels and their creation has also been supported with the references taken from Bible. In this thesis, the explanation does not only restrict to the explanation of the thesis statement but it also provides evidences as to how this thesis can be supported. This work on thesis also covers the related areas when it comes to the discussion of angels. The need for extensively describing these areas such as the history of Christian art and its evolution, the influence of other religions on Christianity was important because it indirectly states the representation of angels in Christian art and the idea behind the representation. The different forms of representation that were used in Christian art also describe how angels were symbolized and how they were interpreted through Biblical statements. In this thesis, several references from bible have been given to support the idea of angels possessing no winds and human like characteristics. As this is the main idea of the thesis statement, several interrelated topics have been discussed. This thesis also supports evidences from modern formations of art. The new forms of art also wrongly develop the interpretation of angels as humans with wings and so clear evidences have been given in opposition to that. The problems that were faced in this thesis were that of clear
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