Analyzing Brock's Language Development

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Brock’s language development has not developed as it should have for his age. At eighteen months, he was speaking over fifty words and was talking in two word sentences, which was average. At two years of age, Brock began speaking in two or three telegraphic sentences. He has also expressed a great desire to learn new words. During his two and a half year developmental tests, Brock scored average in comprehension and production. He is also beginning to show more consistent use in conversational speech. At age three, he relies on complete sentences and understands what is being said. During his kindergarten developmental test, he was still average in vocabulary and a year later he could hold his own conversation with adults. According to his…show more content…
According to his fifth grade report card, Brock requires additional support in reading, spelling, and writing. At the age of eleven, Brock is average in oral communication skills but still suffers from a slight slurring of speech as a result from his traumatic brain injury two years ago. According to Brock’s seventh grade report card, he is below average in word reading, word attack, writing, and spelling. His oral reading is error-prone and not very fluent. Brock also had to take Spanish this year and had a difficult time with grammar and pronunciations of this new foreign language. Brock’s cognitive development is not where it should be for his age. At eight months, I tried the object permanence test with Brock. He failed this time but in a few months he was able to understand it. At nine months, Brock began to understand a few words and was pointing to things he wanted. At twelve months, Brock clearly understood a couple of dozen words. At fifteen months, he was performing little experiments, such as throwing a ball against a wall repeatedly, varying the strength or angle and watches how the ball rebounds. At eighteen months, Brock plays make believe with cups, dolls, and toy telephones. At nineteen months, he is
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