Essay on Analyzing Business Processes for an Enterprise System

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1. Diagram the order process. What are the outputs of this process? The ordering process begins with the decision of the customer to submit their order simply by either calling, faxing or mailing their order information. When a customer calls in their order, the customer service representatives takes down pertinent customer information, which includes the customer's name, billing and shipping address, product number and description, quantity and shipping instructions. While taking down the order, the customer service representative access the company's order entry system where inventory checks are conducted as well as credit checks are processed. In addition, delivery options are advised to the customer. Here the customer decides…show more content…
Things always happen. This is why people, especially businesses, always need to be prepared and have an efficient process structure within the company. When products are in offsite warehouses, there is no possible way of knowing what’s onsite and what’s not onsite. With that being said, with other departments using different numbers and product descriptions, the search becomes even more complicated. In addition, with customer service representatives and warehouse employees keying in numbers and information about products and customers, there is a high possibility that letters and numbers get transposed or even dropped off. In this event, the search becomes even longer and harder. The customer service representative’s first priority is always the customer. Whatever the customer wants, ideally, the customer gets. However, when the customer service representative conducts the search with respect to locating the desired product and shipping the product at the desired shipping address within the desired delivery time sometimes becomes a burden. There are often times where the closest warehouse does not have the requested product in stock and other warehouse locations need to be conducted. In that event, the customer service
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