Analyzing Cather's Oral Language

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1. The components, which would be challenging for Heather is, recalling of facts for computing and reading ability for word problems. The reason recalling of facts for computing would be difficult for Heather, is she has short-term memory weakness, which affects her ability to hold onto facts, consolidating the information to her long-term memory to later retrieve or produce the correct results. Therefore, she fails to elaborate on the incoming information activating her prior knowledge and relating it to be learned information. For example, if she was given this math problem, “Joyana filled her bucket with 5 pounds of shells, if a friend comes to add 15 pounds of shells, and another friend comes to add 17 pounds of shells, how many pounds does she have altogether?”. She would fail to retrieve the information automatically and fluently because she is unable to hold onto the details to solve the problem. While Heather’s oral language is appropriate when she is engaged in a conversation and when she’s listening to a text being read to her, her understanding of what she reads is affected by her inability to analyze words. Hence, this is the reason why she would have difficulties with the component “reading ability for word problems”. For example, if she…show more content…
Based on the Critical Components of Math, the delay in oral language influence math in kindergarten, through comprehension of vocabulary. Comprehension of the math vocabulary plays an important role, in order to understand the directions given. Having an understanding of the vocabulary makes doing the math task less challenging. Therefore, a child who has a restricted vocabulary when faced with a math directive will find that comprehending the words may become difficult. For example, if a kindergartner was given this simple word problem, to “subtract one block from the set of five blocks”, if he or she doesn’t know the meaning of the word subtract it would be problematic to follow through with the
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