Analyzing China's Nuclear Energy Plans

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How effective nuclear argument China's energy plans? Introduction: China, now has the biggest gross domestic product--GDP, and has allowed investment by multinational firms but has problems of policy because it is still a centralized communist state and the planning for China must essentially be based on these cross-cultural perspectives. This has also affected the fuel and the energy infrastructure to a great extent. (Alon, 2003, p. 3) One of the factors that created the variance in culture is the vast geological differences that impose different life styles based on various resources. Resources: China has vast resources like coal and fossil fuel and hydro electric potential. The problem is the development of the infrastructure. The geological position off resources and the fragmentation of the regions and the poor development of the infrastructure can hamper growth. There is a greater phase of urbanization in China now but this is lesser by the world level and there are vast regional and cultural differences within the Chinese towns that lend a distinct cultural ethos to the urbanization and functioning of organizations. (Mengkui; Bingwen, 2006, p. 112) This can be seen in the problem of transporting coal, the major source of power, and the location of the dams and other infrastructure that were created by the centralized regime. The problem is that the political system of China is unitary and the entire provinces have their decisions made by the Centre at Beijing

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