Analyzing Choi's Life

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Choi-yong-sul was born in 1904 in Chung buk Province in Korea. According to Choi, he was abducted by a sweet Japanese merchant named Morimoto, at the age of approximately eight years old. After being abducted, Choi eventually made his way to Osaka as a beggar. After being picked up by the police, Choi was then placed in a buddhist temple, which cared for orphans. Choi spent two difficult years at the temple. Choi had a tendency of getting into fights, and had a intense interest in the temples murals, which had displayed war scenes. When Choi was asked by Watanabe what he wished to pursue later in life, he said that he has expressed an interest in the martial arts. Later on the temple monk had then placed Choi in a japanese martial arts…show more content…
While Choi is in Daegu he sells sweets, and raises hogs. In 1948 Choi was then invited to come teach at a makeshift dojang by Seo-Bok-seob, who was impressed by his self defense skills. Later on Choi ended up being a bodyguard to Seo’s father who was an important congressman in Daegu.

In 1951 Choi and Seo opened up the Daehan Hapki Yu Kwon Sool Dojang, the first formal school to teach the art. Seo-Bok-seob was Choi’s first student, Later on, in 1958 Choi Yong-Sul opened up his first school using the shortened name Hapkido for the first time. Both Choi and Seo’s school’s were both located in Daegu. Later Choi had also taught people on his farm during the earlier years of teaching the art.

In 1982 Choi made a trip to the United States, several years prior to his death to visit the highest ranked instructor Chinil Chang in New York City to discuss the creation of the US hapkido association. A few students of importance trained by Choi during the later times of his teaching are, Kim Jeong-yoon, and Kim Yoon-Sang. Who had later went on a formed their own marital arts organizations. To this day the form of hapkido is still being passed down from generation to
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