Analyzing Coastal Management Strategies Essay

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Analyzing Coastal Management Strategies Coastal Management strategies need to consider not only physical processes but also factors associated with human geography.

Analyse why this is the case.

Coastal management is a means of controlling development and change in the coastal zone and undertaking work according to agreed principles and criteria. By taking into account physical and human geography factors and people who come from the local areas views will help to ensure that there is good coastal management strategy. There are usually three stages in a management strategy, understanding the
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These are things such as sea walls, groynes and revetments. Other hard engineering techniques are things such as the dumping of boulders and sub surface drainage

When deciding what coastal management scheme to put in place whether it a sea wall or an area to hold flood water, the people undertaking the project must look at possible solutions that would be best in relation to physical factors the chosen scheme will be the best scheme to limit or stop the thing that is occurring. They are likely to take into account the rock type in the area the height of land, shape of the land and the cause of the problem. Possible and reasonable solutions would be put forward and the best solution in relation to the physical geography is likely to be put in place. On top of the physical considerations come the human considerations these are things such as are they going to cause unsightly views is it going to cause conflict between local people and the local government. Human Factors that effect whether a coastal management scheme is put into place would be things such as, how many people will it be protecting, what type of properties will it be protecting, (the more expensive properties that are in the area the more likely it is that the area will have a coastal management scheme put in place.)

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