Analyzing Creeley's Poetry

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Careely advocated new kinds of poetry that called attention to language itself, rather than personality and the voice of his poet is extremely unique. He created physical existence as sounds created by the body, and express his ideas and thought about love. Throughout his poetry he trying to locate the love in everywhere in her body and wants to take care the love that is coming from a beloved who loves him back. And never will hurt the lover because he basically promising himself. Real love have respect for each other there is no power control, no game, no craziness just hope and self-respect. While Creeley captures the tense giddiness of loving and being loved, he’s not doing it to celebrate that which can celebrate itself well enough.…show more content…
This second time challenges the doubt, the emptiness. Somehow, I know I’m in love. I know I can enjoy it, be hurt, be patient and lastly let go. Superior virtue may be exercised in the service of loneliness than for another person. Love, in truth, is potential: “then what is emptiness for. To fill, fill.” It is an emptiness, the same thing causing doubt and fear in those who do love and are loved back. It is a language, shared by those who are loved and those longing alike. Through it, I can hear things sometimes, things coming only from myself and I understand the needs conveyed. Only with those needs in mind do I have a mouth. Love gives the capacity to voice love, and strange as it sounds to say, to actually love. Love is what we emotionally attached to each other and understand each other feeling. And be there for the lover when they need the person in and and good
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