Essay Analyzing Cultural Relevance

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Teachers should capitalize and enhance first what the students already know by allowing students to formulate a discussion outline of previous learned knowledge of subject matter in small groups. A group leader form each group is selected to produce that group’s outline for discussion. This is repeated until all groups have completed this process with a finished outline for the entire class to use as a forum for discussion. This is a good example for teachers to use as a building block and tool to support an inclusive and fair classroom community. This strategy will help promote the expansion of learning new materials for all students and build a trusting relationship with the teacher and their peers. The problem…show more content…
He wanted to see the teacher World History through engaging activities that are interesting, challenging, but yet fun.
Jeff also wants his teacher to take her job serious and be excited about teaching students. He talked about the teacher commenting that this job is her pay check but nothing about being committed to her students. Jeff feels that a teacher should have compassion and a caring nature about teaching and not just receiving a paycheck. Jeff words ,“You gotta' come in here and you gotta' make 'em excited”, so you see that Jeff wants his fellow classmates to learn and feel excited about learning. Jeff also stated “this is my country’s future and my education”. He knows that he is the future and he wants to be a productive citizen in this world and the only way it will happen is by getting an education.
Ms. Phung in my view appeared that she did not really care about teaching but I think she was surprised to hear a student response in that way. She was embarrassed and a little put out about incident but felt the student was out of order and could have addressed his emotions in a different manner. Other students felt the same way Jeff did but were too fearful to speak their hearts or speak out. In the video you could see their facial expressions of disengagement that is why I we saw and heard the frustration that came from Jeff. The students in the classroom obviously have just been doing packets to learn about
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