Analyzing Cultural Relevance in Instruction

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Analyzing Cultural Relevance in instruction Rita Wraggs EDU 692 Creativity, Culture, and Global Contexts in Education Decision Making Instructor Gregory Sherman January 26, 2015 Description Everyone has their own perspective of what best way and how to learning children. The perspective of the student Jeff Bliss was tired and angry about the teacher going off on her student so he became the voice of his classmates. His stand up and speak out about the teacher Julie Phung lack of teaching her student by hand out packet and not give face to face communication about the work. The perspective of teacher Julie Phung was to tell Jeff Bliss to left her class because his was disruptive but she did not care. She mumbling, you are wasting…show more content…
Identity and achievement: Ms. Phung did use equity because she gave the students packet. The teacher and student did not have a deep understanding and appreciation of their own identity (Wardle, 2013, 12.1). She allows the student to learn independent and self-control of the learning. Developmental appropriateness: The teacher did not know the student learning style, teaching style and special needs. Ms. Phung needs to be motivation to teach her student so they can engage and collaboration with each other. She was not allows the children to be creativity and critical thinking her classroom. Student did not explore different culture to encourage them to know each other and relate to the history. She need challenge the student to different culture so they can review the real world around them that involving the students in the construction of knowledge of the culture. Equity, excellence, and teaching the whole children: She did teaching to children as a whole because she give them the same packet and let them learn for themselves. Student-teacher relationships: The video show that the teacher or students have no relationship in learning or teaching. In the classroom she could have challenge and
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