Analyzing Damian Rand's 'Vacation Gone Wrong'

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Connor L. Clay K. Rose C. Emily C. Graciela Kroeker Vacation gone Wrong Damian Rand, a somewhat arrogant rich kid who struggles with a materialistic attitude. His dream is to raise a family, although his desire for immediate gratification would make you think otherwise. His fatal flaw is that he gives in to his earthly desires and refuses to commit. Alister- Socially awkward but very intelligent boy who was raised by a fairly wealthy family, worries too much with grades due to the immense pressure his parents place upon him- rational/logical thinker, reliable in situations but enjoys the material possessions which money offers to him. Jaime, a generous & benevolent biracial (white & black) woman, but realistically cruel and demented;…show more content…
She's nice to you until you cross her. John- Smart and well spoken, but a manipulative asshole who will sacrifice others for his own well-being. Troy- is a bit of a party animal, he tends to do reckless things, is in a relationship with alcohol, doesn't really care what others are doing and will Setting: As I wrote down in OneNote earlier, it'll take place in my character's father's lake house, somewhere in rural America. The house will be very large and there'll be a forest outside so this gives us some room to work in. I'm going to write down a play outline in OneNote so we're all on the same page and can all contribute to this project. I also wanted to assign a theme to this play. Check it out in the collaboration section. Side note: Remember that our characters are all good friends. The only truly evil character in this play is Rose's (well, maybe Connor's too). However, our characters are pushed to the limit when the situation gets extreme. I was thinking John would be the character to kill mine, once everyone begins to suspect me. Remember: Jaime is a killer who takes interest in killing people with materialistic views and goals. Keep this in mind when writing your
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