Analyzing Dan Schindel's Movie 'Frozen'

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Frozen is another Disney movie that is able to maintain its popularity due to its principal genre- a princess movie. The use of music, a transformation undergone by the protagonist, and the presence of love make Frozen just another princess movie. And yet, Disney is able to stretch this genre out over long periods of time due to the changes of personalities, ethnicities, skin colors and other features of the princesses. These changes do make the princesses, though similar in a general sense, stand out from each other. However, not all people find enjoyment in such a genre. In this article, Dan Schindel highlights the weaknesses of the movie Frozen. As a result of these shortcomings, this causes the movie to have an uncertain and unrealistic feel to it. How does Disney pitch…show more content…
Also, the focus on the sibling relationship rather than a romantic relationship is flawed since the relationship is explored very limitedly. There is hardly any air time between Anna and Elsa which makes having them as the main focus on the movie, a little boring and hard to follow. But to make matters worse, another critical weakness is the absence of character development following their grand journey on screen. All the characters remain virtually unchanged despite going through impactful events. For example, prior to the journey, Elsa embraced her powers wholly and completely and while she does try to limit the use of her powers afterwards, it does not leave her changed in any relevant way. With all of those crucial weaknesses in mind, it is not a surprise that Frozen lacks a "staying power" to it. However, a movie can be entertaining while having its flaws. For example, some movies that I find enjoyable despite their shortcomings are The Punisher, Signs, and The Lovely Bones. One in particular that is highly unpopular among the general public (especially critics) is
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