Analyzing Database Management Systems ( Dbms ) Come Into Play

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Analyzing Database Management Systems Data. It encompasses every person on earth, whether they realize it or not. Throughout each’s life they collect data and have their data collected by others. Height, weight, shopping habits, health history are all examples of data that is tracked. The question is what is done with this data? People, companies, even the government analyze the data they collect and analyze it with the hope of discovering new information. How they accomplish this is particularly interesting and opens the door for a larger discussion. In the world of computer science large groups of data collected are referred to as databases. When there is a multitude of these databases, a way to manage all of the information is…show more content…
“OLAP summarizes data and makes forecasts,” and “Data mining discovers hidden patterns in data” [2]. In general, OLAP evaluates information in a broader sense while data mining can be applied to find deeper levels of information which may not have been known. The two approaches that may be operated separately or implemented together to create another way of analyzing data.
Online analytical processing (OLAP) is generally used to provide analysis of complex data. Often it is applied with a data warehouse. A data warehouse is similar to a regular database but they have differences. According to Inmon a data warehouse is “a subject-oriented, integrated, non-volatile, time-variant collection of data in support of management’s decisions [3]. Data warehouses provide more detailed information than regular databases, one reason they are recommended for analytics. Another way of describing it is, “Data warehousing is a collection of decision support technologies, aimed at enabling the knowledge worker (executive, manager, analyst) to generate wiser and faster decisions. [4] When using OLAP tools with data warehousing it can give the decision maker a clear advantage, which could give insight into why it is so highly valued. These mechanisms can help increase efficiency and provide them with a powerful advantage. At the core of any OLAP system is an OLAP cube
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