Analyzing Different Genres From Primary And Secondary Researches

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In this 101 university writing program, UWP. We had different assignments about finding different genres. Each assignment has it is different way of figuring out the genre. In this class we wrote a cover letter/ personal statement, effective emails for three professionals, presentation, literature review, formal report project, and genre analysis. Also, we had reading assignments. Each of these assignments gave us a better understanding of how to figure out the pattern of the genre. One of the most challenge paper I did was the formal report project. It was very large report analyzing different genres from primary and secondary researches. The challenge in this report was finding the primary research which was lifestyle blogs. Moreover, figuring out the different conventions and moves were used in these blogs. I had to compare between different blogs and find the pattern the authors used in creating their blogs. The problem was in each blog the author used different conventions and moves, so the hard part was figuring out the most common conventions and moves. The conventions and moves I used with my group were consistency, telling a story, blog is a conversation and appealing. I learned from this class 101 UWP knowing the pattern of different genres. I learned how to use this feature and apply it in my writing style. This class gave me the opportunity now just know how to do scientific research, but also writing a cover letter and effective emails. I was wondering all the

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