Analyzing E Commerce Technology On The Travel Agency 's Business Model

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be kept on a hard drive with password protection for 5 years. After this timeframe, the data will be destroyed by shredding the documents and deleting the files from my computer. Data Collection Instruments Data collection for this qualitative case study will be through semi-structured interviews. Semi-structured interviews provide meaning and understanding of the participants by preparing questions before the interview sessions begin (Petty et al., 2012). Semi-structured interviews will allow me to ask probing questions, as needed, and to make informed decisions about the participants in the study. Interviews will be facilitated in the office. All interview questions will be open-ended, and will take about 30-45 minutes to answer. Personal feelings and opinions will be omitted. Face-to-face interviews will be conducted onsite at the travel agency to ensure maximum participation from each human subject. Administering onsite interviews will prevent distractions or outside interferences if done over the telephone. Questions will be tailored to explore ways of incorporating E-commerce technology in the travel agency’s business model. An audio tape recorder will be used to gather information, take notes, and analyze the data. An interview protocol will be used to ensure that the researcher stays on task and asks the right questions in a timely manner. NVivo 10 software is used to identify codes, themes, and patterns. After the interview sessions
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