Analyzing Emily's Perceptual Reasoning

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The full scale IQ score is considered to be the most representative of an individual’s intellectual functioning. Emily’s overall ability falls within the well below average range when compared to her same aged peers. Her overall achievement can be understood better when each component is examined. Overall, Emily’s scores indicate her cognitive functioning is low to below average when compared to her same aged peers. Emily’s verbal comprehension and processing speed were in the low average range as her same aged peers. Her verbal comprehension and processing speeds were the strongest cognitive areas for her. Emily’s Verbal Comprehension skills measured her verbal knowledge and understanding amassed by formal and informal means and reflects…show more content…
She appeared to focus on accuracy more so than speed. PSI subtests required Emily to scan to find similarities or to match numbers with the correct symbol. Her work was very neat and accurate; however, the sections were timed and she was more focused on making her work neat and just right. This may interfere with her performance in the classroom by making it harder for her to complete assignments within the allotted time. Emily’s Perceptual Reasoning skills were found to be in the well below average range as compared to peers her same age. PRI items required Emily to utilize her nonverbal skills. She was required to manipulate concrete blocks to recreate patterns, and to visually manipulate pictures of puzzle pieces to create a similar figure. She was asked to identify patterns in design and reconstruct puzzles in her mind. Emily was given choices to select answers from, and she appeared to do best when offered choices as compared to open ended…show more content…
The BASC-2 provided information about aspects of Emily’s social, emotional, behavioral, and personality status. Please see the attached appendix for the results. In summary, all agree that Emily presents as struggling with adaptive skills. Each class has different demands on Emily’s cognitive abilities; therefore, their views of Emily differ slightly. Her Art instructor sees the anxiety Emily displays in class. She also views Emily’s adaptive skills of leadership At-Risk and lacking for her age and grade placement. In contrast, Emily’s Engineering instructor rated Emily’s adaptive skills at a clinically significant level. He viewed her ability to interact socially, take the leadership role, and lack of study skills as a real determent in the classroom when compared to her same aged
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