Analyzing Existential Psychology

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Running Head: Psychology Personality Psychology Personality Introduction 1.Rollo May's concept of care, love and will is based on his Existentialist theory that started to gain popularity in Europe after the Second World War. The main concept and aim of the Existentialist theory is that the modern people are less aware of their responsibilities, and are afraid to take up their responsibilities. The importance of the concept of care, love and will, as given by Rollo May is highly important. According to Rollo, care is an active process. The importance of this process lies in the fact that there is a certain level of importance associated with everything on the planet. People, relationships, family, and responsibilities; all require a certain level of care and worry. Love, on the other hand, means to show respect and care for the other person. The affirmation that the other person has some value in the heart of the other person. The third important part is the will. The will can be defined as the commitment that an individual makes to commit to another person. It is believed by Rollo May that a man is unable to understand the powers, origins and the relationships that love and will have. There may be some cases in which love and will could be superimposed (Ryckman, 2007, p. 423). The potential and heritage that the humanities have can only be appreciated by showing care and love. The importance of love and the will can only be understood in its proper form when an
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