Analyzing Film Lighting Set Ups

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Student first and last names Course title and number Professor's name Due date Analyzing Film Lighting Set Ups There are many variables that affect the quality of the image that is finally projected in the theater. The more control the cinematographer has over these variables, the better the chance he has to capture the precise visual effect he and the director desire for the movie. ~Kris Malkiewicz For an Arri 800 watt kit of three lights, there are advantages and uses for image production on a variety of media forms. Lights of this kind have a source type that is open face. Again, the power output is 800 watts per light. The voltage can be measured in the range of 100 240 volts. The color temperature that these lights produce is daylight. Thus, these lights would work in a set up where one needs to light night for day for interior locations. These lights could additionally function in a lighting set up that takes place in an interior location wherein there are mixed light sources, such as a building or warehouse with a few windows. If the photographer or director of photography wanted to use the sunlight coming in through the windows, this kit could serve to extend, shape, complement and supplement that kind of set up and lighting choice. The material these lights consist of is aluminum. Arri 800s come with barndoors, power cables, a user manual and a warranty. Some of the lights, depending on year and model come with protection scrim for the bulbs. The barndoors
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