Analyzing Film Trailers and Film Posters Essays

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Analyzing Film Trailers and Film Posters

Film posters come in a wide range of styles. Most have appealing pictures or slogans that appeal to a particular audience and some just try to appeal to everyone. They all have something in common. Anchorage and eye catching devices, some even have alliteration. You can find them almost everywhere like cinemas, town centres, bus shelters, on the sides of busses, magazines and on the internet. They are all trying to do one thing, persuade you to spend money on their film.

I am going to describe and explain what makes a good film poster and then I shall give an example.

I am going to look at the general make-up of film posters.

Usually a film
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If a popular name is used here people are likely to think that the film is good. Below this is the name of the film being advertised in a font and colour that contrasts and stands out from the background. The name of the film has to stand out from a distance so there is no mistaking the name of the film and it is recognisable when going to buy the film or see it at a cinema.

At the bottom of the poster in a small print text is the credits of the film. No one can see this section of the poster from a distance and nobody really bothers to read it. These are here for copyright purposes and so that if people wanted they could find out who the director, writer and producer of the film is.

At the bottom or in the left hand corner of the poster is the release date of the film being advertised.

The poster is usually in colours that stand out from the competition without loosing the theme of the film. E.g. A comedy would not be in dark black colours. The writing on the poster has to stand out in a font and colour that will attract people's attention. It must be easy to read.

I am now going to look at the above issues on a film poster advertising


The main piece of anchorage is a large picture of Matt Damon from the top left corner to half way down the poster to the centre. This is good because many people know what Matt Damn looks like and know
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