Analyzing Financial Ratios

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The Terry Project: Creating and Modifying the Financial Statements Acct 315 Project Instructor: Dr. Jason Porter Introduction Most college courses in accounting focus on teaching the various components of the accounting system. While this is an effective way to learn and master each of the various components, it usually leaves students with only a vague notion of how those components work together. My goal is to bridge that gap using the Review Project and this Terry Project. The goal of the Review Project is to take you through the full accounting cycle, allowing you to practice each step and use it as you move on to the next step. This project, on the other hand, will help you to consider a series of individual situations,…show more content…
In some cases (see the instructions for Problems 1-3), this scale will be adjusted slightly due to the nature of the problem. Partial credit will be awarded on the work you show. I can’t give partial credit if I only see a summary number or if I can’t find or understand your work, so please take the time to show your work and label it clearly. Your files (see below) should be formatted so that they print out clearly and easily on standard portrait pages. Each part of the project should be turned in to the appropriate assignment drop box in Blackboard by 11:00pm on the due date given in the course schedule. Please note that because we will talk about this project in class, NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED for this project after noon on the day following the due date. The assignments are cumulative, meaning that you will use the information from part #1 to answer part #2, and the information from part #2 to answer part #3. In order to help eliminate carry through error, I will post the solution to each part after the due date. It will be your responsibility to correct your answers (and your Excel spreadsheet) before moving on to the next part. Since the final part of this project is due during finals week, it is not required. Instead, it will be worth 15 bonus points on the Terry Project. If you choose to complete the final part of the project, you must
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