Analyzing Financial Statements

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Analyzing Financial Statements
Crystal Roberts
April 14, 2013
Melinda Perry

* Introduction:
XYZ Corporation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in El Paso County Texas. This organization provides psychiatric counseling services to residents of El Paso County at minimal cost. The organization employs four licensed professionals to provide these services to the target population. XYZ Corporation utilizes government funding to supplement providing low cost care. The demand for services has increased tremendously over the last two years. The financial statements and calculations of the XYZ Corporation show the increase in demand as well as the increase in profits. * Current Ratio:
Current Assets/Current
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* Funding Approaches:
Two traditional approaches to fund programs are grants and donations. Grant funding is typically the largest revenue source for a human service organization. Vast arrays of different grants are available for funding purposes. The XYZ Corporation can utilize these funds from government private foundations. The second traditional fundraising method to fund programs is donations. Building a relationship with the community and having a confident CEO that will reach out for donations can impact the amount of donations your organization receives annually. The XYZ Corporation has a large clientele and therefore should be able to gain recognition within the community and gain donations.
Two non traditional methods of program funding that the XYZ Corporation can incorporate are fundraising dinners and an annual music festival. Both of these fundraising methods have the potential to raise thousands of dollars for the organization. Planning these events will be time consuming and somewhat costly, the XYZ Corporation will seek to get as much donated materials and volunteer time as possible to keep costs of the fundraising events at a minimum. The dinner will incorporate a cost per plate that is affordable yet will maximize fundraising potential. The music festival will bring publicity and positive attention to the organization as well as maximize fundraising capabilities.

* Conclusion:
If the XYZ
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