Analyzing Group Dynamics: How a Group of Students is Affected by a Series of Factors

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By promoting behavior that benefits the group, the respective individual is more likely to create a setting that would fuel progress in general. While in some groups members get actively involved in working in teams, accomplishing goals, and in providing for the needs of their colleagues, matters are different in others as individuals do their jobs poorly and only manage to frustrate their colleagues. It is thus important for all members of a group to have a complex understanding of the attitudes they need to employ in order for the group as a whole to experience the best results possible.
No commitment in a group
An individual who is part of a group needs to be committed in order for him and his colleagues to have more chances to complete their mission. As he or she is part of a group, an individual is expected to focus on the group's benefit in general. "When a group member appears to be using for his or her individual ends, conflict ensues in which the self-centered follower is accused on unethical behavior." (Cragan, Wright, & Casch 109)
In many other cases individuals believe that it would be pointless for them to focus on the group as long as this community has little to…
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