Analyzing Helen Longino's View Of The Scientific Method

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An objective perspective is one based in fact, in things quantifiable and measurable. A subjective perspective relies on personal feeling, emotion, and aesthetics. Helen Longino defends that science is objective because of the natural social nature of the scientific method. The scientific method involves forming hypotheses and collecting data to either approve or refute a hypothesis. Hypotheses are constructed either by one individual or a group of scientists and are therefore subjective Subjectivity and uncertainty lead to competing theories that are pared down since some are proved to be inconsistent with new observations. Allowing subjectivity is a positive aspect of the scientific method. It allows room for taking risks and therefore leading to hypotheses and discoveries that prove to be valid. Relying solely on objective science can lead to something called a Value-Laden Thesis. This occurs when scientists cannot gather evidence and assess theories without making circumstantial value judgments. “Science is a source of objective, value-free, facts about the world. Science has nothing to do with values, either in the statement of its…show more content…
Longino’s conception of knowledge differs significantly from traditional beliefs. She argues that “knowledge is the outcome of interaction between people that is mediated by the appropriate social processes.” Such processes enable us "to transform the subjective into the objective". Longino refers to the interaction that leads to knowledge as transformative criticism. In my opinion individual scientists need to work together to conjointly advance their specialized fields, which advances all of science. I would rather live in a society that had many different views than a society that agrees on everything. This does not leave any room for individual
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