Analyzing Hezbollah And Its Use Of Violence Against Israel

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Brianna Yannie Cho
Islam and Politics Final Paper
Strategic Hezbollah: Analyzing Hezbollah and Its Use of Violence Against Israel
In the 1980s, Lebanon’s Hezbollah declared, “Israel is a rapist enemy that we will continue to fight until the raped land is returned to its rightful owners”, and subsequently initiated a militaristic and political struggle, as some would deem “terrorist” in nature, that would begin in approximately 1982 and persist to this very day.1 After having claimed thousands of lives, and eventually cleared Lebanon of Israeli occupation, this struggle has been, and still is subject of much scholarly attention. Much of the literature surrounding this topic has specifically dealt with the shifts in Hezbollah’s ideology and its incorporation of political Islam. Slightly diverging from previous areas of scholarly research and analysis, this paper will, from a political economy perspective, drawing facts from history, assess Hezbollah’s strategic use of violence in its resistance against Israel, precisely during the period from 1982 to 2000.2
In this paper, I argue that Hezbollah was able to achieve its goals of resistance against
Israeli occupation in south Lebanon, because of its ability to secure a strategic relationship with a patron, and arouse and maintain popular local support through Islam and common identities. But more importantly, I aim to highlight that the organization was able to achieve its goals because of its strategic use of

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