Analyzing How Buildings Affect Physical and Mental Health Essay

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According to Bokalders and Block (2009) some people spend more than 90 percent of their live indoors. This represents that those who live or work in buildings may be significantly influenced by them. Materials which are utilized in the erection of buildings, also interior design of buildings, providing clean air and intensive light are important issues to be taken into account, because their quality has considerable impact on residents. Rostron (2008) claims that adverse effect of a building can cause a considerable implication for society: many of those who suffered from ‘sick buildings’ have complained that their productivity had reduced by 20 percent. Thus, in order to construct healthy buildings without any unfavorable effect on …show more content…
When the amount of exposure transcends that amount, which an occupant is capable of resisting, managing with it becomes impracticable and as a consequence, people suffer from stress, sick building syndrome symptoms and other complaints Reference. There might be no sickness or disorder, however the productivity if the resident can decline.
According to Wargocki (2000) Black and Milroy were those who started to investigate interaction between occupant’s dissatisfaction and condition of the erection. Attitude toward indoor environment rose in 1970’s when constructions with sealed windows became popular, then 1980’s it was agreed among researchers that the occurrence (phenomenon) can be entitled as sick building syndrome (Spengler and Chen 2000, 575). World Health Organization defines sick building syndrome (SBS) as a symptom of dissatisfaction with no explicit sensation of illness; assault of which related with occupation of the definite buildings (Wilson and Hedge, 1987). Bokalders and Block (2009) claim that problem of SBS has been discussed since the 1980s. They state that the number of building which can affect people’s well-being has risen over the years. Thus, it is essential to identify causes of sickness indoors and endeavor to elude them in the construction of the new buildings. It
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