Analyzing Human Behavior through Advertising Essay

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Media is so rampant, a whole chapter of human history can be written only based on advertisements and commercials. Not only does the media show the progress of human history, but it also shows human emotions, social behaviors, moral values, and many more attributes. People are literally surrounded and bombarded with advertisements; with every turn of a head or click of a button they hear and see commercials, billboards, and radio announcements. These forms of media extract the important wants and needs of society. Some of these wants and needs include food, fashion, sex, health, and money. This essay will not only analyze human behavior through advertisements, but explore the major advertising topics and strategies. People might simply…show more content…
beefy. bliss.” To a customer or passerby, those enlarged images draw their attention to how “big” the hamburgers are. When they see the picture and make the connection between the larger picture of the hamburgers and the first word “big,” they automatically associate the rest of the words with the hamburgers in general. The second word, “beefy,” literally means nothing other than the burger has meat .Since the person reading the advertisement has already made the connection that the burger is big, they will assume that it is the beef portion that is big. Last but not least, as a cherry on top, they add in the word “bliss”; once again, this has absolutely no meaning and has no connection with the actual burger. However, the consumers will subconsciously interpret this and make the connection that buying and eating McDonald’s burgers will put your mind at rest. Who knew that an advertisement with three simple words can have such a useless meaning, but effective power? McDonald’s tackled their advertising problem with strategic, meaningless words; however, other companies such as Burger King or Carl’s Jr. take things to another level by sexualizing their product. It seems like on easy way to target consumers is to simply add a half-naked woman interacting with the product and BOOM, a socially acceptable and effective advertisement or commercial is made. Ironically, just as the fast food
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