Analyzing Jean Baptiste Carpeaux's Sculpture 'Ugolino and His Sons'

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In the sculpture of Ugolino and his sons, Carpeaux incorporates his sculpture with a past unseen liberty and immediacy. Jean-Baptiste brings to the public a lively individuality with his sculptures to distinguish him from the rest. The Ugolino and sons sculpture was inspired by a story. A frozen deep in Lake Cocytus in the hell, where those who have committed treachery sins in the past are put to suffer is where Ugolino dell is found. He gnaws persistently on Archbishop Ruggeri head who is his arch rival. The two of them fought together to have control of Pisa in the year 1928, before they had a disagreement. Ugolino later gained control of the main city and leant that the Archbishop wanted to take over from him (Dorra 1980).
The Archbishop cruelly betrayed Ugolino, with a view of controlling the city, and accusing him of sedition and of laxity in battle. Ruggeri made a decision of imprisoning the whole of Ugolino's male line, as well as Ugolino all his four sons. They were taken to Torre dei Gualandi, and left to go hungry and die. Ugolino was filled with deep sorrow from seeing his kin undergoing extreme suffering. Ugolino narrates the anguish his children and him endure in the hunger tower. Driven to madness by hunger and grief, Ugolino decides to…
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