Analyzing Kate Mcmullan's 'If You Were My Bunny'

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1. The book I chose to analyze was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl, If You Were My Bunny. This book was written by Kate McMullan and illustrated by David McPhail in 1996/1997. This bedtime story tells of a mother’s love for their child no matter if they were bunnies, bears, cats, or other animals. This book can be used to not only socialize children, but also their parents. This form of socialization focuses on the family and the role of love a mother should have. There are not really any sex/gender differences. The mother holds a role and status as one who will take care of their baby. This role the mother has is the norm across the whole book; no matter if she was a cat, bear, or human, the mother watched over her child. The only

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