Analyzing Levi Strauss's Current Strategy

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Critical Thinking, Individual Assignment 6 In this assignment I am discussing some critical thinking discussion questions for chapters 16 and 17 of the Global Business Today text for week 6 of our MBA 539 International Business class. These discussion questions are composed to increase the readers understanding of “global marketing and research and development”, and “global human resource management” as explained within Global Business Today (Hill, C., 2014). Global Marketing & R&D Reread the Management Focus on Levi Strauss and then answer the following questions: (Hill, C., 2014). a. What marketing strategy was Levi Strauss using until the early 2000s? Why did this strategy appear to work for decades? Why was it not working by 2004? b. How would you characterize Levi Strauss’s current strategy? What elements of the marketing mix are now changed from nation to nation? c. What are the benefits of the company’s new marketing strategy? Is there a downside? d. What does the Levi Strauss story tell you about the “globalization of markets”? Up until the early 2000’s Levi Strauss was using a global marketing strategy. The global strategy involves standardizing marketing campaigns worldwide. The global marketing strategy worked well for Levi Strauss for decades. I believed this strategy worked for decades because it became a trend for the older generations. Also, there were not too many denim jean manufacturers to choose from in the past. In 2004 consumers have a

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