Analyzing Linda Alston's Second CLR Strategies In The Classroom

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Next, the second CLR strategies were teach and review academic and management content. “Democratic management is a collaborative process whereby a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive to learning is present” (64 clr) During this lesson, Linda Alston manages this class by being able to guide them through when learning because she formed the classroom to have a special bond. She is able to control the classroom because of the connection she created with her students. They are comfortable to be able to share thoughts and opinions without feeling judge. “Interestingly, students will response more positively to the democratic approach infused with CLR when there is an established respect for the teacher, an understood rapport between the student and the teacher, and a developing bonding relationship” (65).…show more content…
It’s important for teachers to be able to have students practice appropriate behavior in the classroom. Linda Alston got in the habit of during lessons to get students attentions before they start to use inappropriate behavior and encourage others to do the same. “A way to give students the needed rehearsals is through the systematic use of forms for responding and discussing, strategically incorporating movement active, effective attention signals for procedural movements, and consistent collaborative group work”

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