Analyzing Lorraine Hansberry's 'Licking The Window'

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Thank you for sharing “Licking the Window” with me. I enjoyed Kathryn’s personal asides throughout the piece, which gave the reader moments of her interiority throughout how she felt about the different aspects of her life. Her perspective is strong in this narrative. A couple of lines that stand out of Kathryn’s feeling at particular moments were, “The first time she met him, she could tell there was something there, in the same way you sense when someone is walking up behind you and the back of your neck prickles with the knowing. (1)” and “But this morning…with a vague sense of frustration tapping at the back of her mind like a trapped miner tinking out his SOS on a pipe casing. (3)”Also, I got a good sense of Jean-Luc’s control of the …show more content…

The portion about Jean-Luc’s first wife, Natasha, is an important reflection, however, it’s a bit out of the blue early in the narrative and would fit better upon a scene or some stimuli that would bring out that reflection. At that moment in the narrative, some dialogue or more specifics in Kathryn’s conversations that would build upon her feelings of being a third wife may work better in grounding the reader early into the story. Throughout the piece, I had questions over the nature of Kathryn and Jean-Luc’s relationship that could be answered within the context of the scenes or in Kathryn’s reflection. How did Jean-Luc first approach Kathryn at the party? Knowing this could give insight into both characters and why Kathryn fell hard for him. How long did Kathryn and Jean-Luc date before the engagement? We get the feeling it was short, but how short? Also, when they get engaged, I found myself wondering what kind of relationship Kathryn had with her parents as their impression of the situation seemed glossed over on page 7-8. Going into depth and specifics in some of the details i.e. what Kathryn went to graduate school for and Kathryn’s own relationship history would provide some needed context to the story. I believe that focusing on Kathryn as the main character, but also having insight from other characters within the context of Kathryn’s story could work for the narrative, although, I can see stories of a few

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