Analyzing Market Trends And Developments Essay

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Interpret market trends and developments
Subject: Analysing the market report for TEE company
Dear Ling,
Here is the marketing analysis report of T-House company according to BSBMKG507 Interpret Market Trends and development.
The full report is attached. Please reply me with feedback about the report.
Kind regards,
Sanchai N.

Assessment Task 2: Project – Market analysis
T-House company is selling chestnut imported from China under Australian brand. The company is now distributing chestnuts to buyers around Melbourne. Two main customers are the local restaurants and vegetable and grocery stores. The company has planned to promote chestnuts to wider market by aiming to others regions around Australia. T-house also launched new product from chestnut that is “cooked and peeled chestnut” which can be found around Australia at Coles supermarkets.
Executive summary
This report intends to discuss the following topics:
• Interpreting marketing data and development by using statistical analysis methods
• Analyse potential impact of business relating to market trends
• Use of central tendency and correlation between sets of data for numeric interpretation of market data
• Reviewing business performance by performing qualitative analysis of comparative market information
• Evaluate market performance of existing competitor and their products or services to identify opportunities and threats
• Analyse performance

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