Analyzing Media Usage

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The first media usage I am going to analyze will be Facebook and the agenda setting idea. Agenda setting is repeated news coverage of an issue over time that raises importance of that issue in the public mind. In the past week when I logged onto Facebook, all I saw were posts about whether or not you should kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality or stand. Most people who don't watch football would not have any idea of the debate going on. However, since it is all that is being talked about on Facebook, more and more people are seeing it and making it more of an issue. For example, the University of Iowa is hosting a police brutality protest during our homecoming game this upcoming weekend. This post has been shared all…show more content…
Selective exposure is when people chose media channels and messages that they are in agreement with and ignore those who do not. I use selective exposure in a variety of ways through my different social media channels. For example, on Instagram and Twitter I use it by choosing to only follow people who I know and share certain values with. I chose to ignore and not follow people who I do not know or don't agree with what they post. Thats what great about social media, is you can choose your audience and can remove or follow people whenever you want too. Another way I use selective exposure is on snapchat. I only add friends if I know who they are and only view peoples stories if I care to see what they post, I don't watch other peoples stories if I have no interest in doing so. Selective exposure in media allows you to only follow who you want and choose what you want to…show more content…
Instead, you get the option to only see the posts you want. Consequently, I think this will have long term effects on my behavior but it is a good thing because it is more efficient. As far as agenda setting goes, I don't think it will have any negative effects on me personally, because its what other people post. If anything I feel agenda setting will keep me more involved and up to date on issues because the more people post or share something the more I will see it. Another theory we discussed in class that I think might effect me in the long term is the spiral of silence theory. The spiral of science theory is when people who believe their opinion is not in the majority, they will not speak out on a contested issue for, the fear of feeling rejected or isolation from a social group. This is true for me, sometimes when I feel like my vote or stance is not in the majority of what others are saying I don't say anything about to contribute because I am afraid I might get rejected by them. I need to learn to voice my own opinion even if it is different from
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