Analyzing Meg And Marissa 's Corporate Climate

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Analyzing Meg and Marissa’s corporate climate, we can infer that Meg is very close to the ideal leader profile - Hockey stick. She has been in the industry for quite long and sessioned her skills to become a great and successful leader. Whereas, Marissa is still learning and her profile explains her corporate actions and press sentiments towards decisions. Meg is more mature and clear on her long-term goals whereas Marissa focuses on short-term goals driven by reward. However, both understand and encourage openness within their organizations.
Meg is very achievement-oriented; being forward-looking and seeing the company’s strategic opportunities. She is very competitive and challenging. She always shoots for best results and sets high standards. Her successes and achievements were set as an example for future leaders, women in leadership in particular. She inspired many people with her influential story.
Meg’s affiliation level is very high. She built good relationships with her employees and had a great influence on them. She encourages her employees to think and act like leaders by finding the good in the organization not the bad. That pattern recognition is gained through experience and intuition. She stimulated an environment where perfection was time consuming and that good enough with iterations was ok.
In her corporate life, Whitman was not very power-oriented, as she cared more about achievements and affiliation, but that did not prevent her from being a remarkable
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