Analyzing My Teaching Methodology

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For the past three days that I have been listening to lectures by Dr Maftuhah, one significant thing that have left an impact on me is that the class has been making me busy to keep on reflecting my teaching styles that I have been using all these while. I was not a TESL student, which means that for my degree, I did not study to become a teacher. My course was all about English language and literature and we were never taught about theories that are related to teaching. Only after a year I have started working, MARA had sent me to do my Diploma in Education where I started to hear all sort of theories that are important in teaching methodology. Unfortunately, since it was a short course, thus I did not manage to grasp to actual meaning to all those theories until these past three days. As a lecturer that has been teaching for five years, I have to admit that I have been mixing all my teaching methods, depending on the students that I receive that semester. From what I have understood in this class, two things that I have reflected are that; I should have used less of Behaviourist method and also, I should have understood more of the concept of autonomy before I apply them. The first one refers to when it comes to my class with the non-English course students while the latter refers to my class with the English course students. Whenever before I enter a class, my hope at the end of the day is to change all of these students for betterment. That is my goal of teaching. As
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