Analyzing My Volunteering Theories

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I decided that I was going to write the first part of the paper without reading the chapters because I wanted to see what theories I unknowing believe in. After I wrote the first part I went through each theory and decided if I felt like I could relate parts of my career story to the theories. However, before I go into the theories I wanted to talk about how it surprised me that it did not cross my mind to talk about how my volunteering has influenced my career story until I read about Creating Narratives in the postmodern section of chapter three. I have done more volunteer “jobs” than I have paying jobs. I have to say as a volunteer the biggest lesson I learned was from how people treated you when they realized you were just volunteering.…show more content…
I also have had people treat me horrible because I was a volunteer. Seeing both sides, ties in with my belief of staying humble when I was talking about picking rocks. I am really interesting to see how I get treated as a practicum student at my site to see if it follows my experiences as a volunteer. My volunteer work has influenced my career story in how I work with others. Without learning the skills of working with different people, it makes having a career impossible. I learned that while I enjoy doing the work by myself, I also like having people I can go to get input from. It helped me learn the balance I need of feeling independent and at the same time connected to the company I am part
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